Search Engine Optimization

SEO encompasses the various techniques to increase the visibility of a web page, or social media page, in a search engine’s unpaid results.  In general, the higher ranked on the search results page, and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users.  Remember, a search engines’ primary goal is to present the most relevant information to it’s users – so they have a vested interest in having all web sites make their best case.

Good SEO is not ‘magic’.

It’s well documented, discussed and encouraged by the top search engines.  We will briefly discuss some of the most basic techniques here, and refer you to other sources for additional information.

Where to start?

  1. Every page should have a unique TITLE statement describing that page in a concise, keyword-rich “phrase”.  Search engines use this information to get their first idea of what that page is about, and display it as the top line in the search results – hence the practical limit of about 50-60 characters.   Put most important keywords in 1st 30-40 characters.
  2. Every page should also have a DESCRIPTION statement – a sentence or two that expands upon the Title content (again, keyword-rich).  This information is also displayed below the Title line in search engine results – max about 150 characters – so don’t write a book.  This is your opportunity to “sell” your page over others displayed around yours.
  3. Page CONTENT should be focused on the specific subject of that page – reinforcing and expanding on what the search engines learned from the Title and Description.  Incorporate your keywords in a natural manner, and only a few times.  “Keyword packing” gets your page downgraded.
  4. Page URL’s should be descriptive, concise, easy for users and search engines to understand and remember.
  5. IMAGES should have a readable, concise, keyword-rich internal ALT text and (if appropriate a visible CAPTION line).
  6. When possible use “useful”, keyword-rich LINKS to other pages, images, etc,

Additional Information: